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    CLogViewEvent returns deleted items

    Hello everyone,

    I implemented a class that reads 10 entries from dialled numbers call list in 3rd edition. I initialize CLogClient with R_LOG_DIR_OUT constant like this:

    	TBuf<64> direction;
    	iLogClient->GetString(direction, R_LOG_DIR_OUT);
    	// Set the direction to be filtered 
    Then I check if there are any entries in the list and if there are any I start with reading like this:

    	TBool eventsInView = iLogView->SetFilterL(*iLogFilter, iStatus);
    	if (eventsInView) {
    		iState = EDialedNumberCreatingView;
    In my RunL(), depending on current state, I call either:

    TBool moreItemsInList = iLogView->FirstL(iStatus);

    TBool moreItemsInList = iLogView->NextL(iStatus);
    And I access current item like this:

    const CLogEvent& event = iLogView->Event();
    The thing is that all that works fine and I'm able to read the entries from the list but I can read those entries even when they are deleted from the phone. I mean, when I go to "Log" ==> "Recent calls" and delete all entries from all lists I'm still able to read those entries from my application.

    I assume that "Clear list" menu option on phone does not delete all the entries physically and only changes their status/flag or something like that.

    Is there anyone who knows how can I filter/retrieve only entries that were not deleted by user?

    I would appriciate any kind of help.


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    Re: CLogViewEvent returns deleted items

    may be this is because of you are connected with the log engine, you just try to close this and read again all the number.

    i past i have seen this and solve this in the same manner, but it was on 2nd sdk fp3.

    hope this will help you.

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