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    Can not import the mmp file


    I created a new project with Carbide C++ Express 1.1.
    I deleted the project in the IDE, but I did not delete its' contents.

    Then, I want to import the project again in the Carbide.
    But it is always failed to import the mmp file.
    The error message is "the new project location contains existing resources".

    Please help me.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Can not import the mmp file

    If i am not wrong if you create a new workspace and Import then it might work.

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    Re: Can not import the mmp file

    Use Import -> Existing Project into Workspace, it works just fine.

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    Re: Can not import the mmp file


    Finally I can import the created project by the option "Existing Projects into Workspace".

    It is really helpful and workable.

    Thank you so much.

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