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    Undefined reference carbide.vs

    I am having trouble with linking when applied to a client server example - when building a project for sr60 using C++ sr60_3rd_mr sdk and visual studio with Carbide.vs.
    (Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003). The errors are undefined reference statements. They refer to items in the http.lib(I think) - I have placed the directory reference within
    the VC++ directories but notice that the mmp file does not reflect this. I have tried to force it by entering a LIBRARY http.lib statement
    within the mmp file but after the build the mmp is overwritten by Visual studio. If I try updating the mmp file within Vstudio then I get a
    message saying it is up to date but refers to DEB_S60_30M_WINSCW and not my build target which is Rel_s60_30M_gcce.

    So my main problem is that I do not seem to be able to get the http definitions included - I would be grateful for any help
    typical error example is:

    Sensortestcontainer.cpp.text+0x1498): undefined reference to `RSocketServ::Connect(unsigned int)'


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    Re: Undefined reference carbide.vs


    When working with Carbide.vs you do things the "Visual Studio" way. For VS, libraries are added in the project properties, Carbide.vs then "copies" them to the .mmp file, the WINSCW config is used as the "source" for both winscw and gcce builds. You can get all the details in the documentation, check "How To Add External Libraries to a Project" in the online Help.

    For future reference, question like these are supposed to go into the "questions" section, http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...isplay.php?f=6, for Symbian stuff. Response time will be much better there.

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    Re: Undefined reference carbide.vs

    Many thanks - I placed the libraries in as stated in your previous online help and build was successful Sorry about posting in the wrong place

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