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    Nokia Activ Customer Service???


    I'm trying to purchase the Developer pack for Nokia Activ Server, and would like to know if there's some secret number to contact them on. The only reply I've had to the emails I've sent over the last 3 weeks is that my request is being processed, how long is that supposed to take? No one is ever answering the phone or returns my calls, the call back feature on the web site doesn't work, and every web form only brings up page not found. This appears to be a unique sales strategy, though hot terribly inspired. If anyone has any idea how to get to talk to a real person from Nokia Activ Server Customer Services, could they please enlighten me (adrian@infomedia-services.co.uk). Thanks in advance.

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    RE: Nokia Activ Customer Service???


    We are very sorry that you have faced this kind of inconvenience.
    I tried to investigate your problem and I was informed that now finally you have been contacted.

    Normally you can contact e.g. activ.software@nokia.com and they should advice you to futher quickly.

    Again, we are very sorry for this.

    Best regards,
    Nacs technical support

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