Hi !

I want to register a service on N70 which receives files from a PC.
If I register the service with my own UUID, it is not visible on PC (WIDCOMM Stack). That the service is running i can prove by the BTBrowser tool, which shows my service.

It looks like that the PC only displays services which are preknown (OBEX Push, Serial Port, OBEX FTP, Network Access and so on).

I could proof this when i registered the Service as "Network Access Point" UUID Ox1116 - it was visible because the PC knows it and on the mobile there is no other service with this ServiceClassID registered.

If i try to register my service as OBEX Push (which is my aim), nothing happens. No exception is thrown, but my service isnt registered too. Only the original OBEX push service is visible from PC (and the BTBrowser tool).

I found out, that the BT software on my PC decides depending on the ServiceClassID rather then the BluetoothProfileList attribute whether it displays the service as Serial Port, Network Access, Voice Gateway and so on. I could prove this with a GPS Mouse by Royaltek, which does not send any BluetoothprofileList attribute at all and is recognized by the PC as SerialPort Service nevertheless. So i state Service recognition depends on the ServiceClassID and not on the BluetoothProfileList attribute of the ServiceRecord, at least for WIDCOMM stack.

Then i tried the Windows built in stack (changed the drivers for the Dlink DBT 120 dongle), but unfortunately, only 2 Services of 4 where visible, less then with the WIDCOMM stack.

I know i could try to implement a little application on the PC and connect then to the service, but that is what i want to avoid.

So my question is:

Is it possible to register a second service with the same service class ID ?
Or what attributes do i have to change, that 2 OBEX Push services are visible on my PC, if it is possible ?