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    j2me polish problem

    Hi i am having a nightmare trying to install and use J2ME polish in netbeans.

    What i have done so far is installed the latest j2me polish and then try to run one of the sampled projects.But with my luck it diddnt work has it keeps saying that the project has an invalid reference problem and it doesnt have a run command?

    I then tryed to integrate my current j2me project so that i can use j2me polish the a project i am originaly working on in the normal J2ME.

    i have read the guids but get los to the point when it says i have to edit the xml build file by adding my midlet class name.

    it says i have to add it to the <midlet> element but what i see their is a
    <midlet class="de.enough.polish.sample.chartitem.ChartMidlet" name="Chart" />

    do i delete the de.enough.polish... and put the actual name of my midlet class?

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    Re: j2me polish problem

    update: i have renamed the build-netbeans.xml file from one of the sample projects in j2me polish and then i replaced it with the default xml file but when i try to run my project i get the following error while it builds:

    Warning: unable to find following requested device-identifiers:
    Please check your <deviceRequirements> section in your build.xml script.

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    Re: j2me polish problem

    You might be able to get an answer at the j2me polish forums or if its more NetBeans specific at NetBeans user forums

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