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    Question Cannot turn backlight ON in my screensaver

    I am trying to write a screensaver plugin module using the mscreensaverplugin API.
    I would like to display some graphics objects in the screen, for that i need to keep the backlight ON.I m using MScreensaverPluginHost::RequestLights ( TInt aSecs ) , but it doesnot turn ON the backlight although i have seen that a default screensaver provided in N70 has the baclight ON.
    Pls help!!!

    P.S:I know that this will waste a lot of my battery backup

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    Re: Cannot turn backlight ON in my screensaver

    I'm just popping this up.. Does anybody know which phones this is supposed to work, I would quess it should work from OS 8.0, since previous SDK's didn't have the function defined for the screen saver plug-in.

    Basically tried this today and couldn't get it working on my 6630 either.

    Woudl like to hear if anybody has got it working with 2nd edition devices..


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