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    Unable to switch on Bluetooth Enhancement NOKIA BH700

    I am actually new to this forum.Anyways, all i wanted to ask you is that,
    Recently about 10 days back,I bought a new Bluetooth Headset BH700.And there was no problem at all for these many days.
    But suddenly, I was surprised that though, i tried 2 switch on the bluetooth enhancement, its not switching on.So, i thought that the battery might be down.
    So when i started to charge it with the charger provided by NOKIA, the red light glows the moment i connect the charger to the plug.But this red light goes off in the 2nd min itself.I can no longer see the red light.I donno whats wrong here.According to NOKIA, the red light should go off only when the battery is fully charged.So when i try to switch on the bluetooth headset assuming that the battery is fully charged, its doesnt work i.e., i cant switch it on.
    So,what do u think the problem is?
    Pls lemme know.
    Thanking you

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    Re: Unable to switch on Bluetooth Enhancement NOKIA BH700

    Hi bharat_gr8! Welcome to Nokia Discussion Boards!!

    Please note that this is Forum Nokia Developer Discussion Boards. It would be better if you may raise your question in Nokia end user support section. Nokia end user products support questions should be addressed at Nokia's online support sites http://www.nokia.com/support .

    Also there are some localized product support forums and one that is monitored and where you can get attention and solutions http://discussions.nokia.co.uk/discussions/. If you post your concerns there you may get a response from there.


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