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    N73 ME Mp3/Radio sound problem?

    I used N73M .sound quality is not good Fm/mp3(through headphone). how i improve my sound quality.?
    i have used N73m recently. mp3 or fm sound quality is not good through headphone. Example
    (1) FM Radio ( i listioning radio through headphone sound is not good but the same time loudspeaker on the sound is increasing very amazing, when the loudspeaker off the sound quality automatically low). please help any one and check it out.
    (2) Mp3 Sound. ( i listioning mp3 songs through headphone the sound quality poor. but the same time i make a call any number sound is very high volume that few seconds after that volume reduce automatically.

    How i maintain and enjoy full sound the Phone any body help me?

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    Re: N73 ME Mp3/Radio sound problem?


    This is a Forum for developers and not for end-user. For your type of problem you should start looking for solutions here: http://europe.nokia.com/A4143001

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