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    Turn off native noise and echo cancellation


    I have noted that there are several different ways to capture audio such as x-wav, wave, pcm etc.

    Is that the setting I should use in order to "turn off" the noise and echo cancellation of the phone? Or is that not possible? My Tests suggests it is not.

    Also: Currently I use 8bits to record the sound, however that seems to not be nearly enough. Is it possible to use anything else?

    I have tried: "capture//audio?bits=16" that seems to gives me an error.
    However "capture://audio?bits=8" runs smoothly.

    So two questions: change the bit setting
    Record sound without native noise and echo cancellation


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    Re: Turn off native noise and echo cancellation

    The support for different number of bits can vary based on the device and also audio format used. I do not know of parameters which you could use to turn off noice or echo cancellation.


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