Symbian 9 in introduces the new security framework. Audio Proxy Server is a component that all full-duplex VoIP applications will require for S60 3rd devices. APS requires developer to have a manufacturer grantable capability (=right to use a particular API in a real device) called Multimedia Device Driver (MM DD). However, developers can use all public APIs on the emulator, but installation of the application to a real device will not work without proper capabilities in the Developer Certificate.

Steps to apply for MM DD:
1) Developer will need ACS publisher ID from Verisign. More information:

2) Create a profile on Symbian Signed and fill in the form to request manufacturer grantable capability "Multimedia DD". You cannot request MM DD unless you have ACS publisher ID. Indicate in the template that they will need the MM DD in order to use Audio Proxy Server.

3) Submit MM DD template to