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    Mobile TV only for Smartphones


    I am on my PhD and i am doing a study about mobile TV.

    The question is: Mobile TV REQUIRES good resoucers from devices?

    I belive that mobile TV will only come with devices with good resources, such as Smartphones. I would like to know if that is true and why, in some detail. References to anything is welcome, since i could not find any.


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    Re: Mobile TV only for Smartphones

    What's your definiton of "mobile TV", "good resources" and "smartphone"?

    If "mobile TV" is video streaming through packet data networks, then almost any average phone with appropriate support will do. Does not have to be a smartphone, or particularly "good resources".

    If "mobile TV" is based on using dedicated broadcast signal receiver (which ever of the available/possible technologies whether analog or digital), then the receiver hardware does most of the work, and doesn't require too much else of the actual device than ability to show what's being broadcasted (= does not need to be a "smartphone").

    In any case, Nokia's mobile TV info pages are here:

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