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    What kind of capablity should I have to access camera real-time ?

    I have read Symbian Signed documentation three times already, and still unable to grasp, what kind of capability I need to access camera real-time on the 3rd edition phone (real-time frame processing from camera), and render 3d graphics on it. I'm choosing platform for my Augmented Reality application, which run happily on the Nokia 6600 for now. Now I'm trying to understand, should I move to WinMobile, 2d edition or 3d edition for the next version. Nokia N93 looking good, but will I be able to self-sign and run my application on the phone ? I don't want to waste time and money on getting certificate or whatever...

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    Re: What kind of capablity should I have to access camera real-time ?

    OpenGL requires no capability, Camera requires the user-grantable UserEnvironment capability, thus self-signing is enough for both.

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