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    Cannot install a .SIS file on Nokia N93

    I am testing a file transfer of a basic hello.sis file created from a Carbide.c++ template onto Nokia N93. It displays an error on the phone saying "Installation of hello.sis not supported". What can be the problem?

    Also, I get different error/warnings with different build instances. Once, it gives me an error of not being able to bind to some port, then it gives a warning that CTags is not installed properly. However, it runs on the emulator. And now I have the problem of porting. Can anyone address these issues?

    Lastly, how do I update my path for CTags?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Cannot install a .SIS file on Nokia N93

    Basically For N93 you first need to build with 3rd edition SDK and for target format (like GCCE), then after making the sis it needs to be signed, in case you are using onle capabilities allowed for untrusted application you could use self-made sertificates for signing, and if you are using other capabilities then you need to use developer certificate for signing.

    Also for self-signed application, you should propably change the settings in application manager to allow untrusted application to be installed, and also you should make sure your date/year settings are correct, othervise the certificate used for signing might not be valid.


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