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    mmp library entry not being used - link failure

    I'm trying to get my S60 application to link with the lbs.lib. I've added the library lbs.lib entry to my Carbide c++ projects .mmp file but for some reason at link time it does not try to link my binary with the lbs.lib. As a result the link stage fails because of the unresolved references to the library.

    Do I have to do something other than adding the library entry to the .mmp file to get carbide c++ to link lbs.lib to my app?

    Also, just in case it's important the target I'm building for is the simulator I'm not building for real hardware yet.


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    Re: mmp library entry not being used - link failure

    in Carbide.C++ v1.1 you have to Add your library to Project Properties->C/C++ Build->GCCE Linker->Libraries.

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    Re: mmp library entry not being used - link failure

    How does one link a library in in v1.2? I tried Properties -> C/C++ Project Paths, then Libraries Tab, then "Add External Library", but that doesn't seem to be working... I keep getting undefined symbol errors.

    What should I be doing instead?

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    Re: mmp library entry not being used - link failure

    For Carbide.c++ v1.2, you have to use .mmp file. It's a bit different to Carbide.c++ v1.1.


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