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    Carbide linker problems

    I need to link to certain libraries so i can use sms functions
    So i add them to the the right places in propeties by when i click apply or ok i get the error

    Could not write file:

    This is causeing linker problems so i keep getting error 1 when i try to compile.

    Can anyone sugest whats wrong?


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    Re: Carbide linker problems

    Check if nothing else is using this file.
    Try restarting Carbide.
    Does it happen only to this project or all of them?

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    Re: Carbide linker problems

    yeh i never thought to check but it is only this project.

    The strange thing is i have restarted this project several times and still had the same error

    Even though i dont get this error i still get error 1 when i compile which im sure is because its not finding the libraries
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