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    music manager 2.0 coversion prob. on VISTA

    everytime i convert mp3 to aac to be transferred to the phone using music manager 2.0 quality became very poor 16kbps is the result eventhough i change it to 128kbps this is on vista os and pc suite 6.82
    And it tried o convert files to be transferred to my phone using WinXP same procedure it works fine so far may be music manager i hope some one can help me thk

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    Re: music manager 2.0 coversion prob. on VISTA

    Microsoft Vista contains a native .NET framework as its base. This means the original windows calls are now emulated and the codecs are built into Vista and therefore parameters may have changed.

    Many programs dont work under Vista and Windows XP emulation. Like the conversion of programs from Windows 2000 this will take time for MS Vista to achieve full compatability.

    Previous releases of programs may work but are not tested or supported for latest releases of the OS.


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