I post this thread after spending hours and hours to find a solution to re-install the sdk (Series 60 / 3rd ed) on another disk, and I have post several questions but I haven't received any solution.

I had installed the SDK on the D: disk, all was fine but one day, it crashes; therefore I decide to re-install it on the C: and here comes the problems ... some files are not deleted when you de-install the sdk and kept the wrong parameters / disk !!

in this tutorial, I assume that all is installed in "C:\SYMBIAN"

To remove/clean completely the SDK, I follow these steps :

1) remove Carbide (add/remove program files)
2) remove the SDK (add/remove program files)
3) remove the CSL Arm toolchain (add/remove program files)
4) remove Perl (add/remove program files)
5) remove Java (add/remove program files)
6) remove Visual Studio .NET (add/remove program files)
7) Via the explorer, remove manually the C:\SYMBIAN directory
8) Via the explorer, remove manually the C:\NOKIA\REGISTRY directory
9) Via the explorer, remove manually the C:\NOKIA\TOOLS directory
10) Via the explorer, remove manually the C:\Program Files\Common Files\SYMBIAN directory
11) Via the explorer, remove manually the C:\Documents and Settings\[your_session]\Carbide_vs directory
12) In the system/Environment variables, clean the "Path" system variable.

nota :
point 11 - contains a file (properties.xml), installed by carbide which contains the location of the SDK, this file is not removed with a un-installation, therefore, installing a new version on another path/disk won't work !!!; you can also modify it manually; it contains a variable "sdkRoot" which is used to set up the EPOCROOT variable during the compile time (in the 3rd ed, the EPOCROOT environement var is not used like in the previous version) !!!

point 12 - for example, the un-install of the CSL ARM toolchain doesn't clean its environment variable.

point 8 - contains a file (installationRegistry.xml) specifying the location of the emulators

Well, it's now time to re-install all :

1) install Visual Studio .NET
2) install java ( j2re-1_3_1_17-windows-i586.exe )
3) install Perl ( ActivePerl- )
4) install the sdk ( S60-SDK-0548-3[1].0-f.3.215f.zip )
(nota : this wiill install the CSL Arm Toolchain too)
5) reboot
6) install Carbide.vs ( carbide_vs_201.exe )
7) check the PROPERTIES.XML file located in C:\Documents and Settings\[your_session]\Carbide_vs

That's all folks !!
Hope this will help one or two users ....