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    WS Framework: access a WSDL file at runtime

    I'm must write an app that access various services at runtime... How can I use the WS Framework to help me in that? Suppose I've all WSDL files saved somewere on the phone...

    Anyone can help me?

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    Re: WS Framework: access a WSDL file at runtime

    Nokia does not provide direct support for automatically accessing services based on WSDLs on the phone. What we do offer support for is to wrap (any number of) web services as local Symbian C++ methods and then access the web services by (mostly) just calling the local methods. This is supported by the Nokia WSDL to C++ Wizard for S60, see http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n...d_for_S60.html .

    In this scenario, you need to have the WSDLs at application compile time. From each WSDL you generate a local method which is then included in your application. Your code must then be able to determine what webservice (corresponding to which WSDL) your application needs to access and then call the correct local method (+ some housekeeping prior to calling the method). The documentation for the wizard has some instructions on how to use multiple instances of web services.

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