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    Ask for help about library files of APS_2_2_S60_3rd

    Does anyone have library files for winscw of APS? I can't build the example successfully in Visual Studio 2003.net due to the lack of files, APSSession2.lib, APSSession2.dllI and APSserver2.exe . I guess. If anyone have these files, Could you please send it to me? Thanks in advance!

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    Cool Re: Ask for help about library files of APS_2_2_S60_3rd

    Yes, I need too. At me abcence dlls for winscw. 10x

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    Re: Ask for help about library files of APS_2_2_S60_3rd

    APS does not work in emulator therefore no libraries are provided. Make sure you exclude those API calls from the WINSCW builds.

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