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    Hot to create static libraries

    I have a code that I want to package as static library (.lib)

    1) do I need to create library for each target?
    2) do I need to create library for CW and library for Carbide.c++ or the can use the same library?
    3) how do I create library? (if some one can put example .MMP file it will be very helpful).


    P.s. I try to do it for S60 3rd edition FP1.

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    Re: Hot to create static libraries

    1) You need to build the library for each target on which you want to use it
    2) Whatever IDE you choose to use it is going to be fine, I do not see why you need to mix them. Anyway, the same SDKs and the same compilers are used with both IDEs so no problem there.
    3) targetype LIB, no UID statement needed, no PlatSec attributes, source code and libraries ... that is what your mmp contains for a static library project

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    Re: Hot to create static libraries

    Thanks, I will try it again.

    just to be sure:
    what is the command line to build it? (abld build gcce urel/udeb)

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