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    Exclamation sis download problem

    hellow to everybody

    I write cause i am having problems with downloading a .sis file:
    i use Apache tomcat server,i have configure the mimetype:


    next i create a web page with a link to download the sis fileindex.html)

    <a href="myfile.sis">download myfile</a></td>
    (index.html is in the same folder that myfile.sis)

    when i browse with n-6680 or n-70 in the web page,i click on the link and the
    .sis file star downloading,when it is has finished downloading,the installer runs by itself and begin the installation procedure(the phone ask for installing),but
    dont let me save the .sis file to memory or to mmc,so what i have is .sis file installed on my phone,and my question is:

    How can i download .sis file to the phone(memory or mmc)without installing?,
    i only want to download and save my file on the phone,and later run the .sis file bymyself


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    Re: sis download problem

    No can do (except if you use something like FExplorer - from http://www.gosymbian.com/ - and try to make a copy of the .sis file while/before it is being installed, and then cancel the installaiton, or unless you find some other web browser that lets you download the file without initiating the installation).

    And, of course, you can download it first to a PC, and then copy the file to your phone without installing.

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    Thumbs up Re: sis download problem

    thanks,i am going to look for another web browser,if it works i will post here

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    Re: sis download problem

    Have u solved the above problem??Even I have the same problem now....
    I want to save the sis file not to install it...
    Let me know if u solved this??

    Thanks in Advance...

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