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    DRM PIP File - unable to read file


    I've package my signed sis file into a pip file and I include one xml file of which
    I copy to my application install directory c:\private\[UID]\settings.xml.

    Finally created a myapp.dm and myapp.dd.

    I've downloaded it into the phone and it installs ok. I also can see that my settings.xml is correctly copied into the private folder. But I get a parse error indicating xmlelement error. Is settings.xml encrypted? (forwardlocking was enabled for the pip file). How do I open (or possibly decrypt) the file.

    This is the only way I've found to distribute different settings for my application without needing to resign (send it to a testhous etc..) the application (since each app installation will have slightly different settings.xml content).

    Can someone please help.

    I can't see any documentation regarding opening the files from an c++ application when done a PIP and forward lock (.dm) file. I thought they where plaintext after that???

    Many Regards,
    Mario Toffia

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    Re: DRM PIP File - unable to read file

    Ok, I've got it i is encrypted with AES xxxx@localhost. How do I decrypt the file. Do I need to be signed with DRM and use some DRM API???

    Many Regards,

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