I am trying to upgrade my Series 60 SDK installation to Feature Pack 1. Unfortunately, I am unable to do so, because the upgrade terminates with the error:

"An error (-5009: 0x8002802b) has occurred while running the setup."

The error text itself appears to be generated by the Installshield tool. Since I cannot uninstall the old SDK, due to the same error, the problem is appears to be related to uninstalling components within the old SDK.

I am not saying that this is the cause of the problem, but if you search the Installshield website, a problem similar to this is described as something they still haven't fixed in Installshield 7. The problem itself is described like this: "This error occurs during the uninstallation of a parent, which launches a silent child setup using DoInstall with the NOWAIT option." More information here:


Is anyone familiar with exactly what the problem is and how I can avoid it? Since the Installshield error description is about launching silent installs, I would be most interested in getting to know which silent installs/uninstalls are launched during the SDK installation/uninstallation.