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    SyncML and RSA Authenication

    Just wondering if anyone might happen to know if there is a provision in the SyncML standard (or an add-on by Nokia) that allows a SyncML profile to be setup, that has no "static" password, with the user instead being prompted to input a password everytime they go to sync ?

    If this is not currently supported, is there anyway of doing this or will Nokia be looking to support this soon ?

    Just asking as at the moment I am looking to have 100s - 1,000s of users in corporate environments connecting to SyncML capable servers. Coming from an "untrusted" network all users must authenicate using two factor (aka RSA SecureID tokens etc) authenication. Currently even in the latest 7650 if I setup a profile for SyncML it forces me to enter a password that it then stores unless I manually edit the profile to clear it out.


    Justin Hobson

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    RE: SyncML and RSA Authenication


    At the current client implementation this is not possible. And this is one of the reasons why we have released a source code for the client. So there is two alternative:

    Modify the current Client to fullfill your security standards

    Create a trusted (compplany internal) access point only for sync purposes.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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