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    Question MultimediaDD enabled developer certificate??

    I found an example application which can only run in the device and needs MultimediaDD enabled developer certificate.

    I have already got a Developer Certificate without ACS publisher ID. I went through www.symbiansigned.com and found "Phone Manufacturer Approved Developer Certificate" have MultimediaDD access. I can see for “Phone Manufacturer Approved Developer Certificate” I need ACS publisher ID from www.verisign.com.
    Now the question is if I get ACS Publisher ID, can I get “Phone Manufacturer Approved Developer Certificate”? Or any other things are also needed?
    And another question is if I get “Phone Manufacturer Approved Developer Certificate”, do I able to run the application in real device? And run any other application required MultimediaDD capability.

    Please note that I do not have Forum Nokia PRO or Symbian Platinum Partner membership.

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    Re: MultimediaDD enabled developer certificate??

    you should start by reading this : http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n..._0_en.pdf.html

    I think that pro-membership is not required, but it might indeed help. You could try checking the Nokia testing first, if they will approce the request, which after you can add the request to the symbian signed, this way you would need the publicer ID only after you know whether you will get the capability.

    Also, you might want to check if the capability is actually required in your case, some API's only require certain capabilities in certain specific situations and with some specific functions.

    Also there might be other ways on achieving same functionality by using APIs that do not require that capability.


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    Re: MultimediaDD enabled developer certificate??

    Please note, ACS publisher ID certificate will not give you sensitive capabilities automatically. You will need phone manufacturer's approval. Other words, you must have really good reason to get even MutimediaDD capabilty. Otherwise, ACS publisher ID is just wasting money.

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    Smile Re: MultimediaDD enabled developer certificate??


    Same thread contents with some replies:


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