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    S60 2nd (FP3) Emulator and InfoMsg

    I'm trouble showing debug messages in the emulator using InfoMsg, for example:


    I'm using S60 2nd FP3 combined with Carbide 1.1. I have no trouble compiling program or running them. I have tried similar code targeted at S60 3rd FP1 with no trouble at all. I have also used a previous release before 2nd FP3 where the code worked fine.

    I've also tried this from 2 different installations (two completely different computers) to no avail.

    Does anybody know if there is known problems with the emulator and showing the InfoMsg debug messages in 2nd FP3? Is there something that I should change to enable these messages?

    PS: I have tried with simple examples created from the wizard of Carbide, as well as examples which was distributed with the SDK.


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    Re: S60 2nd (FP3) Emulator and InfoMsg

    Maybe you could change using note or global notes for the same purpose, they will also work in the real devices.


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