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    Change language setup for 7650

    It looks like nobody from Nokia Support reads this forum, but nonetheless I'll try one more time and repost my request for clarification from earlier post:

    "I see that this question [about the change of 7650 language setup] pops up several times and the answer is always 'go ... to local Nokia support center and re-flash your ROM', which is obviously not very helpful for software developer. Is it technically impossible to install additional language support in RAM (emulator does support all languages), or is it a marketing policy of Nokia, which is impossible to explain to mere mortals? It is not a good development practice to release multi-lingual applications without first testing them on a target device ..."

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    RE: Change language setup for 7650


    Unfortunately images for different language variants are flashed into the ROM and it is not possible to install new languages into the RAM. This is clearly disadvantage from the developer point of view.

    One possibility is to let Nokia test your software for you via Nokia OK process. You can fill the form in the Business Opportunites page under the Forum Nokia main page and you'll be contacted by a Forum Nokia's partner manager.

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