i uses a CEikEdwin (for larger Texts) in a CAknDialog.

There is a text menu (T9, etc.), which appear when the user pushs the key with the pen-symbol. If the menu is open, both (menu and CEikEdwin) have the focus and will consume any key events.

For example: If the menu is open and i push the arrow down key, the menu selection will be moved down and the cursor in the CEikEdiwn will be moved in background.

Why have both components the focus? I overwrote the OfferKeyEventL() of the CAknDialog to decide which component should recieve the key events, but the CCeikEdwin becomes every event. It doesn't matter that i call the OfferKeyEventL() of the CEikEdwin explicitly or not. :-|

How can i check, if the text menu is open (i think that must be an static AVKON component). If i can ask for the visibility of the text menu, maybe i will have the possibility to disable the CEikEdwin.

(The CEikEdwin's OfferKeyEventL consume no key event - on the other hand, the CAknDialog's OfferKeyEventL (of the dialogs super class) consume all key events.)

I don't understand how to handle this strange event structure :-(.

This is the resource of the dialog:
    flags = EEikDialogFlagNoDrag | 
            EEikDialogFlagFillAppClientRect |
            EEikDialogFlagNoTitleBar |
            EEikDialogFlagWait |
    items = {
        DLG_LINE {
            type = EEikCtEdwin;
            id = ETextInput;
            control= EDWIN {
            	width = 176;
            	lines = 6;
                maxlength = 160;
                flags = EEikEdwinWidthInPixels;
                avkon_flags = EAknEditorFlagEnableScrollBars | EAknEditorFlagNoEditIndicators;
                default_case = EAknEditorLowerCase;
                allowed_case_modes = EAknEditorUpperCase | EAknEditorLowerCase;
                numeric_keymap = EAknEditorPlainNumberModeKeymap;
                allowed_input_modes = EAknEditorAllCaseModes;//EAknEditorTextInputMode | EAknEditorNumericInputMode;
                default_input_mode = EAknEditorTextInputMode;
                special_character_table = R_AVKON_SPECIAL_CHARACTER_TABLE_DIALOG;
Can somebody help me?

Thx a lot...