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    Command line compiling without CodeWarrior possible?


    in some cases it is easier to do all the work with compiling and building a project on the command line, e.g. by a batch file, than in the IDE.
    We experienced that this is no problem if Codewarrior is installed. If Carbide C++ Express is used instead, the SDK complains:
    Unable to identify a valid CodeWarrior for Symbian OS installation
    We use the 2nd_FP3 SDK and SIP plugin 4.0 for CW.

    There was a hint in another thread about some batch commands to change some environment variables. See http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...ad.php?t=83677. With these commands executed the SDK compiled without complaining about the not existing Codewarrior but there were a lot of error messages about some files that couldn't be found.

    1. Are there any commands to add to this batch for SDK 2nd FP3 with SIP plugin 4.0?
    2. Isn't it possible to provide the parts of the toolchain separately that miss in the SDK? (No matter if from Codewarrior od Carbide if both work) Can these files be extracted from a Codewarior or Carbide installation?

    Thank you,

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    Re: Command line compiling without CodeWarrior possible?

    Check if a soultion discussed here works for you. I found that this kind of environment updation/setting helps.

    Hope it helps you though..

    Good Luck and Cheers

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