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    command button problem with s60 phones

    Hi i have problem with my command buttons on a full canvas class. the problem is that when i click on a command button, a sub menu apears which highlights the command button name and gives me the option to press ok or cancel (see link)


    What i want it to do instead is that has soon has the user presses the command button, the action in which corresponds to that command button executes straight away instead of a user having to select and click the ok button again..

    So has soon as i press the left command button, a menu pops up.. at the moment it doesnt and seems to be a problem with nokia phones in general has i tested it out on a 6680 and a 6300
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    Re: command button problem with s60 phones

    You should use Canvas.keyPressed(int keyCode) for that. The situation you described will happen anyway when using commands..

    Note: if you use only Canvas, will you not be able to listen to softkeys. So you have to use FullCanvas, which you are already doing. =)


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