I transfered .jar file using data cable. It wont allow me to access the internet from my midlet. I can browse the internet from the phone perfectly fine.
I signed with verisign also. It didnt work. I think its with T-Mobile issue.

I would never recommend anyone to go with T-Mobile. I got a new phone Nokia 6133. Please advice me what should I do? I am in my development phase of the application right now.

If I have to I can switch to ther another carrier. These are my requirements. Please advice me in the model of the phone and the carrier.

1) should work in Europe AND US..any network would be fine..as long as it
works properly..even though I have to unlock the phone.
2) J2ME platform
3) Wireless API
4) Bluetooth with Obex
5) GPS (Optional)

Thanks in advance..its been weeks trying to solve this problem..I know my company has to have some kind of partnership with T-Mobile..but I dont know HOW to approach T-Mobile?