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    6600 and SAP and HFP and Mercedes

    I am wanting to use my 6600 with my Mercedes via Bluetooth, there are 2 Bluetooth cradles available, one is SAP and the other is HFP, Mercedes reccomend SAP, but I believe the 6600 is HFP, in some cases the phonebook will not appear on the dashboard, which defeats the object as the phone is in the armrest, can anyone confirm that the 6600 will bring up the phonebook display.
    At the moment I have a standard phone and cradle and the phonebook works fine.

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    The Nokia 6600 does not have SAP. I recommend to buy a Nokia S60 3rd Edition or at least a Nokia Series 40 (from 2nd Edition + some older ones onward) and then go for the Mercedes/Peiker SAP solution. Alternatively look out for a third-party solution which gives SAP and HFP like the Becker Cascade Pro 7941, Nokia 616, Parrot CK3500 or FwD Audio com.

    Whether the phone book wil come up depends on the software of your Mercedes solution. Mercedes or another user with the same system might answer this. Furthermore this forum here is for developers only. Please have a look at this Nokia end-user forum.
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