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    Re: UPdate Error! while installation

    Hi Wizard,
    thank u for ur reply

    but i have not changed the UID in pkg file
    it is the same UID which i used for symbian signing 5 months back
    and same UID is used now also

    only thing is this time i have signed using online signing beta for a particular IMEI and prevousily it was symbian sigbned froma trust center for public distrubution.

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    Re: UPdate Error! while installation

    I don't think you can update an installation that is "differently signed". i.e. you can't replace a Symbian signed install with a developer signed one. I am not sure if it works the other way round.

    You could try stripping the certificate off and then open signing the original. I expect you would be able to update it with your new sis then.

    Sadly, I can't remember where I read this so maybe someone can chip in with a reference (or correct me).

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    Re: UPdate Error! while installation

    FYI - another reason for getting the "Update error" is changing the globally unique vendor id in the .pkg file:



    :"VendorX Inc."

    Trying to install 2nd app on a device that has 1st app installed, will yield the "Update error".


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    Re: UPdate Error! while installation

    Quote Originally Posted by samiudd View Post

    the update error will usually get if the sis file is already there in the phone memory.
    try to delete the sis from folder sys/bin going through file browser.

    I am successfull in setting up skype in my nokia E72 after deleting the built in talk dialer apps....


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