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    Unhappy Problem With N70..PLesae Help

    Dear All,

    I have been using N70 from past 1 year, without any problem, untill now i started facing problems. The problem is that i dont get message allert tone when message is received, also i dont get the delivery reports. Whereas after switching off and again restarting the phone i get all the delivery reports one after another. Sometimes while deleting messages i get this error General:Already in use.

    I did hard format on the phone (*3 and green button simultaneously while switching on the phone), and for two days the phone worked fine..now again the same problem has started....
    Please advice.......

    Thanks in Advance


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    Re: Problem With N70..PLesae Help


    u can visit any nokia care centre and tell them ur issue and they will reslove it's a firmware to be upgraded i guess.

    Mateen Maldar
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