now i need some information about how to distribute the pys60 based applications.

i have some questions in my mind.

1) if i build my app using py2sis tool
- can i include pys60 runtime sis into my app's sis?
- is it possible that i remove pys60 icon when pys60 is installed on user's phone. (ie. i just want to install the runtime to run my app, like .net runtime)

2) if i make my pys60 app embeded into c++ app (cspyinterpreter.h)
- do i only need python222.dll with my app for distribution, ie. no need to install full python runtime sis?
- if my py app imports e32, sys, os and other libs, do i need to package these libs with my app as well (including python222.dll)?

is there a redistributeable sis package for pys60 runtime, optimized for performance (compiled py libs) for end users. just like we distribute .net runtime with our apps, and use .net sdk for development.

and finally, can i sell my pys60 based apps?

best regards,

// chall3ng3r //