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    Exclamation Doubt about voice encoding in VOIP.

    1. I use audio capture in J2ME simulator , it show
    "Supported audio encodings: encoding=pcm

    I have some question:

    1) PCM encoding can be used in VOIP? Should I switch it to other encoding with high compression level, such as G.729? Which encoding is the best one in J2ME VOIP?

    2) What's the date stream encoding when we use MMAPI capture ? Who decide it, MMAPI or device ?

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    Re: Doubt about voice encoding in VOIP.

    I would suggest to start working with Symbian C+ and review the full-duplex Symbian C++ examples available on fn.com.

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    Re: Doubt about voice encoding in VOIP.

    I am facing same encoding problem with MMAPI, is there solution for encoding audio in G711 ulaw ???

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