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    Nokia 6131 NFC SDK 1.0 has been released

    Nokia is happy to announce the release of the Nokia 6131 NFC SDK version 1.0.

    The Nokia 6131 NFC SDK allows developers to create and emulate Java™ applications (MIDlets) for the Nokia 6131 NFC mobile phone. The SDK includes the Contactless Communication API (JSR-257), which enables the use of the near Field Communication (NFC) features of the Nokia 6131 NFC phone. In addition to the standard JSR-257 API, the SDK includes Nokia NFC-specific interfaces and classes. The Nokia 6131 NFC SDK contains a Nokia 6131 NFC phone emulator, Java APIs, sample MIDlets, and documentation.

    Key Features of Nokia 6131 NFC SDK

    Support for Nokia 6131 NFC mobile phone
    Contactless Communication API (JSR-257)
    Java based Nokia 6131 MIDP Emulator with 240x320-pixel screen size
    Tools, documentation, and sample MIDlets
    Support for MIFARE (Standard, Standard 4k, and Ultralight), ISO 14443-4/ISO 7816-4 tag technology cards

    Developers can use one of a number of popular integrated development environments (IDEs) to create, compile, and package applications. The behavior of those applications can then be tested in an emulator, directly from the IDE. The SDK can also be used as a standalone kit from the command line. The emulator offers MIDP 2.0 support, security domain emulation, Bluetooth emulation and also provides support for the Unified Emulator Interface (UEI). The SDK installation package includes a plug-in that enables the SDK to be used in conjunction with the Eclipse IDE, as well as Nokia Connectivity Framework (NCF) Lite, which offers a fast and easy-to-use communication environment for emulators.

    The Nokia 6131 NFC SDK can be downloaded from here.

    Before installing the SDK, it is recommended that you read the Installation Guide, available here.

    For more information about Near Field Communication and Nokia’s contribution to developing NFC standards further through the open NFC Forum, please visit Nokia NFC and Nokia 6131 NFC websites.

    You can find more information about Contactless Communication API (JSR 257) on the Java Community Process site or on the Forum Nokia site.
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