I came across commerical J2ME game - Bomber at

But it is different from other open source J2me game in ways :

1) Bomber project convert all images to a signle binary file

2) there is a utility called tobin.exe that takes a text file and output a binary file that includes all images / sounds

3) here is a list of binary files for bomber ( sound + image )


- Is there any tutorial on how to use ToBin.exe or other untility that covert images files to a single game data file that reads by J2ME game using InputStream and read byte by byte? it's somewhat confusing.

- I had google more than 8 hours on info in using ToBin.exe with no luck, how it maps image to a single binary file, any tutorial on this?

- it seems all commerical J2ME games read binary data file, instead of open PNG files one by one used by open source non - commerical games.