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    Nokia J2ME Game freeze

    I was wondering why J2ME game for Nokia phone usually need 1 port for 1 phone model but "FREEZE" on unsupport phone.

    since the J2ME code compiles fine on that device + J2ME package built-in on device. Game should at least runs without freeze even the image size / resolution is different

    theoretically, nokia phone all have same J2ME api (no matter 1st, 2nd or 3rd edition)

    But commercial game like Bomber only runs only on Nokia 7650 and 3650, but when run on N80 (3rd ed phone), will freeze after game starts

    import com.nokia.mid.ui.FullCanvas; // Nokia dependant code
    import com.nokia.mid.ui.DirectGraphics.*; // Nokia dependant code
    import com.nokia.mid.ui.*;

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    Re: Nokia J2ME Game freeze

    This is because different handsets have different KVMs made by different manufacturer.

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    Re: Nokia J2ME Game freeze

    you can start your game main thread like this :

    Thread thread = new Thread( this );
    thread.setPriority( Thread.NORM_PRIORITY );

    set the thread level to normal

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