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    DLL locading problems (capabilities)

    Hi everybody,

    I have an app.exe that uses a dll DLL1.dll. This dll, in turn, statically links to another dll, say DLL2.dll.

    As far as I now, dll2 has to have at least the same capabilities of dll1 because dll1 statically inks to dll2.

    even respecting this in the compilation, I've got problems during execution of the app. In fact, the app doesn't work at all. the app doesn't open. i've tried to debug (on device debug) but the app doesn't get in the e32main.

    does anybody has an idea?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: DLL locading problems (capabilities)

    Also note that DLL1 and DLL2 must have capabilities that are more or the same as EXE.

    Are you sure that your problem is because of capabilities and not something else? Try to run in the emulator and see the log file (EPOCWIND.OUT). Normally it is located in your TEMP folder. There may be a clue there.


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