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    MMS FILES ON 7650


    I have encapsulate a smil file with attachement files and I have crate a .mms files,
    I try to see this mms files on Nokia emulator and its work fine!
    if I try to send over ir connection this .mms files on my mobile (Nokia 7650) my phone show me an error message exactly write me
    "File format error"
    Why my mobile phone send me this message?? if on emulator show me correctly why on my nokia 7650 it send me error??
    If I try to put MMS files on my web server and I send on my mobile phone a Wap push message that recall my .mms files my mobile phone show me same error!
    I must insert on my web server some mime type that I do not know ?

    I hope that this problem it comes resolved by Forum Nokia Staff

    thanks a lot

    Best regards


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    RE: MMS FILES ON 7650


    Surely the Emulator will recognise the .MMS file to a MM message, There is no other interface to send the MM message to emulator than the file.

    Real phone won't act as the emulator, the message is being fetched from the location that m-notification-ind (WAP PUSH message) is pointing to. The MMS client at real phone will post a WAP GET command to get the message. You can't send those .MMS files over IR/BT/CABLE to real phone. (Surely you can but phone won't recognise the file as a MM message).

    Please read the WAP-209 how to create a proper m-notification-ind message. This message will initiate your MMS client to pick up the message, your WAP browser has nothing to do with this process.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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