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    Video playback startup performance

    I have been playing with a J2ME based video player that downloads the 3gp files from a web server and saves them to the local storage of the phone before playing back the video.

    One issue I have is for files over 2MB it takes quite some time to startup the video.

    I am currently using the following code to create the player
    myPlayer = Manager.createPlayer(myMediaFile);
    as I have tried as a stream but it returns a null object
    I believe I have read somewhere that it isn't possible to stream off the disk on a phone but would like any confirmation or pointers anyone has on this topic for ways I can decrease the amount of time it takes for playback to start from a file (it is very quick with the included RealPlayer on the phone).

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    Re: Video playback startup performance

    It seems that your video file is a little big. You can try FileConnection to open the file URL and form a OutPutStream. Hope this helpful.

    Best regards

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