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    get information of playing media (MMAPI)

    Hi everyone,
    I am new both at here and as a j2me developer.
    I have tried to develop a appication using MMAPI for user to select an audio media in their device and play it. This part was done.
    And now I want to make the appication more special, i.e. can adjust the tempo speed, making some video effect based on the media playing( just like the effect in Windows Media Player).
    By doing these, I need to get and set information to header of media. Is there any way to implement by the MMAPI? I see there are some interfaces such as TempoControl in javax.microedition.media.control. But what should I do in those interface methods? Do I need to read each media header and write it back as DataStream?

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    Re: get information of playing media (MMAPI)

    Some advanced mobile platforms are allowing to control sound quality and provide mobile users with the special audio effects, but classes and controls for doing it are usually placed in additional vendor-specific media APIs, not in the MMAPI.

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