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    device suported multetasking

    can we run two application smiletaniously in S40 devices.
    how can i get that device suported multetasking.
    can i get through system properties?

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    Re: device suported multetasking

    AFAIK, in the current S40 devices, you cannot run multiple applications at a time.


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    Re: device suported multetasking

    Thanks for replay .....
    plz help me
    i want ot open Browser in Midlet by PlatformRequest method .
    it work ..but the browser is open in the back ground of the application. when i exit the midlet.then i see the browser.
    is it possible it comes front with out midlet destory.
    But in K310i the browser is open while midlet is runing behind.
    which Series 20 Nokia set suport this.
    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: device suported multetasking

    Series 20 Nokia handsets? Do you mean Series 40 or S60?
    On Series 40 devices, you need to exit the midlet to open the browser.
    On S60 devices you can have the MIDlet and browser running at the same time.
    Check also the return value of platformRequest
    "true if the MIDlet suite MUST first exit before the content can be fetched."


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