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Thread: VOIP project

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    VOIP project

    Hey guys,

    Our project involves creating VOIP on mobile handsets with wifi capability. I wanted to know if it is better to develop using MIDP or C++? I know C++ is more powerful but will MIDP with Java help me accomplish this? Its a 2 month project. I would appreciate if the experts could guide me with necessary API's, as well as the components required.

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: VOIP project

    -- i think it can't be done using JAVA, you will be faced with streaming problem that cause a delay or a broken voice

    Wesam Elshiekh

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    Re: VOIP project

    You can look at the Symbian C++ full-duplex example here:

    and Audio Proxy Server v2.3 SDK plugin at:


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