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    Memory is full ....?

    Having a Nokia 6600 is nice, But what do I do when it tells me that menory is full ?
    I just deleted a large movie, and don't understand what memory it's talking about . . . I don't know how to delete memory, didn't even know it's possible..

    Need some help, please.

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    Re: Memory is full ....?

    Hi buddy. The same thing has happened to my 6600. The memory it is talking about is the phone memory which is also used to run the phone software. If you dont use a memory card you will fill up the phone memory and itll not run. The phone memory started to get low on mine because i wanted to save all my text messages. When i was moving files around to make space the phone memory got lower and lower till it reached zero then wouldnt let me do anything. Came up with 'general system error- memory low, or something like that. Now i cant use it all because there isnt enough memory to run the phone and I cant free up more memory. This is the second 6600 I have had in the last few years now, and like you think its a great phone. Just think it must be a software fault. May be able to get it flashed but that costs nearly the same as the phone value :-( Sorry if thats not much help, but if you do find an answer, let me know, got two 6600's sat here doing nothing as i now have bought an N73. Im on here to find out why a Kingston 2gb min SD card wont work in my N73. Cheers, Steve Edwards

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    Re: Memory is full ....?

    Well, thanks a lot, mate.

    First, your answer made me think :lol: (really it didn't hurt at all)

    I moved all files from mem card to phone card and formatted the mem card.
    Then I told the phone to reset all options.

    Had an hour or two to reconfigure it the way I like it, but it worked

    *Of course I made a backup first . . . . (cowardly . . .? hehe yes !)

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