I'm tying to use http api's in my application but I have find a problem that I'm not able to resolve...

I use http POST function for connect my application to a web (xhtml) page that contain a usn/pwd form for accesing a restricted area.
I send a POST request with this information's and all is ok.... the web server receive the communication and process it..

the response for this action is a 302 redirection , I use a code similar to the SDK example, and this information is processed in the section :


of the
switch ( aEvent.iStatus )
{ }

code in " MHFRunL() " function in HttpClient ( and not in the standard elements like EGotResponseBodyData, EGotResponseHeaders.... )

in this part of the code i do this operation's :

RHTTPResponse resp = aTransaction.Response();
TInt status = resp.StatusCode();

then I print this value : the operation is correct and return 302 to the screen....

but when I'm tryng to analize headers with the function :

// Display header field names and value
DumpRespHeadersL( aTransaction );

the function starts but doesn't find any header......
the problem is that in http operation's, when a web site uses a form for usn & pwd at this time the web server returns the redirection and the page header whit the SESSION ID....
then the web server returns the header for the redirected page and is body....

in fact the new page header + body is returned correctly... only the page that redirect doesn't returns the header....

anyone know what's the problem ? Is my code that have some mistakes or are http api's that in this case doesn't return the header ?