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    Remote Device Access service is available now for all community developers, free of c

    Remote Device Access (RDA) technology enables remote access to mobile devices over the Internet. The system consists of a device pool connected to a server, and users connecting to the server in order to remotely use the devices. Once a user has connected to a device, the screen of the device is transfered to the user's desktop in real time. In addition, the user can install applications on the device, transfer files, and analyze log files in real time. This enables developers to test their mobile applications and services on various Nokia devices based on Symbian OS. RDA is an Internet-based solution, and the requirements for using the service are a standard Web browser and Java™ Web Start (typically comes with Java Runtime Environment, JRE).

    Link to the service page: http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/tech...roduction.html

    Following devices are available at the launch time; Nokia 5500 Sport, Nokia E60, 3 x Nokia E61, 2 x Nokia E65, 2 x Nokia E70, 2 x Nokia N71, 2 x Nokia N73, 2 x Nokia N80, 3 x Nokia N95. We will adjust the device pool according to the popularity.
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