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    N73 Kingston 2GB MiniSD read problems

    Hi all, just bought a Kinston 2GB MiniSD card for my new N73. Sometimes it will come up with a read or write error, When I try to use the camera with memory card set as default storage the camera will freeze when i take a pic, and i have to restart the phone. Is it maybe the wrong voltage card or something? The memory card package says nothing of voltage spec. Please help, Cheers, Steve

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    Angry Re: N73 Kingston 2GB MiniSD read problems

    Well you're not the only one mate. I've now had two 2GB cards from Kingston and they are both useless.

    I had my 1st 2GB card that worked for a while but then suddenly stopped and said it was corrupt. Sent it back to Kingston and got a replacement. It arrived factory packed but when I put in my N93, it said corrupt straight away. Tried it in my N71, card reader & the one in my laptop - none read the card.

    Emailed them this morning and they just said their tech dept will be in touch. So I ordered a San Disk 2GB card and I will never get a Kingston card again

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    Re: N73 Kingston 2GB MiniSD read problems

    looks like its not just kingston!!!

    i just got a problem with that error corrupted out of no where!!
    must be the o/s as i googled 2gb mini sd corrupted and more people have the same problem.
    my corsair was working fine the other day and boom its gone images everything using recover program no good either... all lost..

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    Re: N73 Kingston 2GB MiniSD read problems

    This is not the right site for discussing your end-user problems. Please use http://discussions.europe.nokia.com
    -- Lucian

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